I want to thank everyone who came out to the Knox Complete Street public meeting held at Chuy’s on Monday. You came out despite the rain and we had a pretty full house!

We received a lot of input at the meeting. We are working to consolidate the comments from each table and parse everything noted on the maps. I wanted to share the highlights of what we heard. Below are the priorities we heard from the tables during the table reports:

  • Having Knox Street as a brand; Changing from head-in parking to angled parking; Change the bike plan to re-route along Armstrong.
  • Unify the currently chaotic pedestrian experience (with angled parking instead of head-in parking); Bulb-outs at intersections; Consider a ‘road diet’ for Knox. Two-way Cole and McKinney.
  • Don’t do a road diet but do angled parking; Consider an area parking garage; Create bicycle parking near the Katy Trail but no bike lanes on Knox; Improve the Knox streetscape.
  • Keep Knox unique; Remove the utility poles; Intersection and alley improvements; Bicycle racks; Do a ‘road diet’ to include a center turn lane. Change to angled parking; Close the alley at the Lamps Plus and divert bicycles to Armstrong or McCommas.
  • Consider a ‘road diet’; Widen the sidewalk by changing to angled parking; Consider two-way streets on McKinney and Cole; Improve the streetscape on Knox.

The next blog entry will have more notes from the event. Again, thank you for participating!

Knox community meeting

reporting out from table 3

reporting out from table 4

reporting out from table 4