We received a lot of insightful comments from the public during the Cedar Springs Complete Streets meeting on March 24th. Click here for a full list of comments from the meeting. Here’s a rundown of the common themes we heard:IMG_20140410_092249

  • Pedestrian Improvements are needed throughout corridor
      • Enhance sidewalk quality/width
      • Increase pedestrian lighting
      • Improve intersection safety, particularly at Knight, Regan
      • Landscaped buffer on sidewalks\Increase pedestrian crossing times at intersections
  • Gateway enhancements at Oak Lawn Ave. and Dougle Ave. intersections are needed to add character to the corridor. These intersections should include:
      • Seating/Pedestrian PlazasIMG_20140410_133843
      • Pedestrian Wayfinding
      • Decorative lighting fixtures
      • Other elements to create notable entrance points to Cedar Springs Road
  • Traffic Calming
      • Look into possibility of a road diet on Cedar Springs (from 4 to 3 lanes with a middle turn lane)
      • Consider speed humps/bumpouts on side streets leading into Cedar Springs
      • Consider textured pavements on Cedar Springs Road to slow trafficIMG_20140410_133917

Our inter-departmental team is currently working on design concepts which address all of these issues.  We plan to present these concepts in a future public meeting this summer.